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Insanity's Place
TeamAbodo's stories and thoughts.
Recent Insanities 
22nd-Feb-2022 10:22 pm - The Creation Process
Yaoi Blush

Projects I'm working on, have finished and the ones that are only imagined.

Fandoms range from Air Gear, Avatar the Last Airbender, Kingdom Hearts and Digimon.

Ratings range from PG to M, though not NC-17. Can’t write it.

Creative Delusions.Collapse )
Title: The Temporary Ambition Of Generous Messiah
Author: QuietLittleVoices
Artist: TeamAbodo on LJ and Tumblr
Fandom/Genre: Supernatural/Canon Divergence
Pairing(s): Dean/Castiel, Past-Dean/Robin
Rating: T
Word Count: 21,000
Warnings: Major Character Death, Canon Level Violence

Fic link: Fic Masterlist

The Temporary Ambition of Generous Messiah

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8th-Oct-2014 12:20 am - DCBB 2014: Art for Life of Cas
Title: Life of Cas
Author: Cerdic519
Artist: TeamAbodo
Fandom/Genre: Supernatural; fantasy, omegaverse
Pairing(s): Dean/Castiel Gabriel/Sam
Rating: M
Word Count: 79,520

Summary: Fate is a bitch, and Braton Stone knows two things are for sure. First, he is going to have a son called Castiel. And second, he's going to have to kill him. He's going to kill his own son.
This is no fairy-tale.

Fic Masterlist: AO3
For the DeanCas Big Bang 2014

Life of Cas Title

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22nd-Aug-2014 08:30 pm - Artist Claim
Hello, authors of BigBang #061 and #017! I really look forward to working with you both, and I hope to hear from you soon! I'm going to be going to my mother's on Wednesday for a fair and will be working for 11 hours a day over the weekend, so I hope to hear from you before then.

Feel free to message me at my LJ, on this post, or message me on my tumblr.
29th-Jul-2013 07:57 am(no subject)
Don't. Ever. Take three summer courses. At once ever. Again.
I burned out in week five and I'm on the sixth and final week now... Then I'm gonna try to finish my Dean/Cas Big Bang, but no promises. I still have two papers to write and turn in for classes after classes are over.

I really hate myself right now

24th-Mar-2013 02:00 pm - SPN: Capax Infiniti; Art Masterpost
Title: Capax Infiniti
Author: missgoalie75
Artist(s): teamabodo
Beta: xsaturated
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: ~13,700
Characters/Pairings: Jimmy, Amelia, Claire, Castiel, OMCs, OFCs; Jimmy/Amelia
Spoilers/Warnings: through 4x22 and minor for 6x20; language, mental illness (OC), mentioned suicide (OC), OC character death (only mentioned, but the character is a child)
Summary: While Castiel takes possession of Jimmy's body, he let's Jimmy live through his happiest memories, but the events happening outside of Jimmy's mind interrupt his peace.
Fic Masterpost: here

Art~!Collapse )
6th-Nov-2012 09:22 pm(no subject)
Obama won!!!

Washington State is still flip flopping on EVERYTHING ELSE. Marijuana (I want it taxed legal), Same-Sex Marriage (YOU VOTED FOR OBAMA, WASHINGTON. HOW ARE YOU NOT OKAY WITH THIS) (nvm), Governor (I'm not too heart broken either way, but I'm definitely leaning for Inslee), Charter Schools (I honestly don't remember how I voted for this because I didn't get what a charter school was and I got a really bad explanation when I voted).


Yesterday exciting things were happening! Obama won presidency!! Florida still hadn't thrown it's vote in the last time I checked, but it doesn't matter because Obama had 303 out of the 270 electoral college votes he needed to win!!

For Senators and Representatives, MORE EXCITING THINGS. There is an Openly Lesbian Senator! There is the first female minority Senator (who is I believe the first Asian-American senator!)!! There is the first disabled veteran in congress (she lost both her legs in combat)!!! And from out of fucking no where, Texas has a woman in the house of representatives who is openly pansexual!!! (she identified as Lesbian during the campaign because she didn't want to overwhelm the Texans that had no friggen' idea what that was) THERE ARE 20 WOMEN IN THE SENATE RIGHT NOW!!!! THAT'S THE MOST IN AMERICAN HISTORY!!!

For Same-Sex Marriage, EXCITING THINGS ARE HAPPENING TOO!! There are four more states as of last night that have made same-sex marriage/marriage equality legal!! Washington, Maine, Minnesota and Maryland!!!

And since everything else I haven't checked in a while, this will be the last bit of EXCITEMENT

29th-Oct-2012 06:58 pm(no subject)
I get really excited when people use semicolons properly; I think it's a very attractive trait in a person.
28th-Oct-2012 01:54 pm - Art Post: In the Eye of Heaven
Yaoi Blush
My masterpost for the Dean/Castiel Big Bang!! My partner in crime was deathjunke and she wrote In the Eye of Heaven.

The Art!!!Collapse )

19th-Oct-2012 04:13 pm(no subject)

Dean Castiel Big Bang. I'm working on the art, but I had some program problems and couldn't draw for several days. So I'm more behind than I'd like, but I don't think it'll be a problem.

National Novel Writing Month. I'm writing 50k of Persona 2xTales of the Abyss fanfiction and I'm SO EXCITED.
Dean Castiel Xmas Exchange. Don't have my prompt, don't know what I'm gonna do /o/

Dean Castiel Dystopia. I think it's in December. I'm doing art for this 8D

January onward
Jimmy Novak Big Bang. I'm doing art for this 8D I've got from Jan to March to do this one.

So, not as much stuff as a lot of people I see in fandoms, but still more than I usually do. Kinda excited :) I haven't done any PTT art in a while, which angers me a little, so I'll try and compete in some of the later contests. Might even do October's contest on Club-Tutu if I get my ass in gear and finish my DC BB.
1st-Oct-2012 09:17 pm - COLLEGE!!!
Holy shit It's almost been a week at Western Washington University and akiguhjwaeriuthyqwpeifjhaskdifj

The campus is BEAUTIFUL. Like, the hills are smooth and never unyielding, and the walkway is red brick, and there are plants in bloom everywhere, and there are so many trees, and the grass and the buildings and the sky and the air!!

I'm a bit in love with my school. I've been staying at an apartment a bit off campus, WWU affiliated, so I've got roommates assigned through the school. Who I will now proceed to give fake names. Seriously, these names aren't even close.

"Jamie" is my roommate (like, we share a bedroom.), and she's a biology major, wishing to go into pre-med. She's on the volleyball team, and is REALLY nice. She's like, super sweet and puts up with me being a weirdo in front of my computer and SHE LOVES SHERLOCK!!!

"Kimberlee" is one of my suitemates (she lives in the other bedroom with a roomie), with a psychology major and Japanese minor and she's a Harry Potter nerd and developing Whovian. She's into blues dancing and I think swing (if there's a difference, I seriously can't tell.), and she reminds me of my sister a bit. She's kinda immature for her age, and has some trouble with her temper sometimes, but she's constructive about it -- when she was pissed at this one guy, she told him they weren't talking for the rest of the night so she wouldn't say something she couldn't take back. She then baked cookies. They were delicious. ((she's not nearly as nerdy as she thinks she is.))

"Madison" is the last suitemate, and will be graduating in December, so we get a new roommate in winter quarter. But she doesn't really hang out with the rest of us. She's older than all of us, and has a job at a newspaper -- journalism major, music minor. But she's really cool, and she and I have similar maturity levels and similar senses of humor. When K says something about blowing or "Pride//Prejudice," M and I totally crack up at the same time. It totally exasperates K and amuses J.

I've also started taking fencing! Okay, today was just an informational meeting, the actual lessons start Wednesday, BUT STILL, I'M TAKING FENCING.

Yeah, that's my update. Peace.
I picked the worst week to follow the "destiel" tag on tumblr -- if you thought I was nuts for having three posts for the After Elton tournament, that's NOTHING compared to the shit on tumblr. The entire "destiel" tag is full of people promoting the poll, and a little competition can be fun. But both the Destiel fans and the Sterek fans are.... waay intense. Like, there's bashing and what sounds like tumblr-abuse and the whole environment feels kind of shitty.

Destiel fans are all "we've been developing for four years now, you Sterek fans can have your turn when you're older," only sometimes more insulting, and have been bugging the actors of Supernatural and their channel (CW) to vote and promote the pairing (the actors apparently support Destiel. sweet). Over all, they're kind of being petty dicks.

On the other hand, Sterek fans are all "our pairing could actually happen, so we have more right to winning this than you." Only on average it's a bit nicer, but I understand that some of the comments (but not all) are that insulting. Of course these fans are also bugging the actors of Teen Wolf and their channel (MTV) to vote and promote the pairing. Over all, they're also kind of being 
petty dicks.

So, what started out as kind of fun has suddenly gotten waaaaaaaaay out of hand and damnit fandoms, I think you ruined the spirit of the competition. I mean, if we were all truly open-hearted fans, we should be suggesting the pairings wrestle in pudding and lick the chocolate off each other's naked bodies. I mean seriously. Way more fun.


On another note, there has been a total of four things on my mind this past month:

1. The Stupid Poll of Petty Dicks.

2. Moving Out and Onto My Campus Apartment.

3. My Dean/Castiel Big Bang Art which I'm a bit behind on, but once I move out it's FOCUS TIME.

4. Politics.

Oh dear god have I started paying attention to this. I recently subscribed to the Philip DeFranco Show on youtube, and it's a show where Philip DeFranco talks about the news which includes politics. Tumblr also has fun with politics which turn out to be my favorite posts to reblog, go figure. Not to say I deeply pursue it, but when I come across it, I'm actually interested.

I've been thinking a lot about how Mitt Romney as a political figure frightens me as a woman. Some of the stuff I've read on him, which by no way makes me an expert, makes me really nervous that he would take away some basic female rights (birth control for one, but again, I might be wrong), and every time he opens his mouth, he seems to insult an entire group of people. The people of Pakistan and not-rich in America are just two examples. 

I don't necessarily want to seek out conversations about politics, but I am interested in the topic in a open-minded, discussion based setting.


Mmmmmmmmm naked men and pudding.

I think I'm the worst pansexual with lesbian preferences ever xD
17th-Sep-2012 06:36 pm - F-LIST! I SEEK AID!!
The Final Round!

It's the final round of the After Elton Ultimate Slash Tournament and the final pairings are....

Supernatural's Dean/Castiel: The actors ship this pairing, the characters themselves say they have a profound bond!


Tean Wolf's Stiles/Derek: I know nothing about this, but I've heard from fans that it's as *cough*canon*cough* as Destiel, so I'll give it the benefit of the doubt. It did make it to the finals after all.


Destiel is losing to Sterek!! Supernatural is losing to Teen Wolf!! The Buffy Wannabe versus the Remake of a Terrible 80s Movie!

F-list, I beseech you, please vote for Destiel! You can vote once an hour and every vote counts!! Please F-list. You may be small compared to other F-lists, but spread the word, vote and watch the first episode of Supernatural, damn you!!!

Of course if you're a Sterek fan, you may vote as well and may the most popular pairing win.
12th-Sep-2012 12:55 pm - Dun dun duuun
I got my hair cut today. It used to look like Merida's from Brave, only brown, frizzier and with less defined curls, and was always how I imagined Hermione Granger's hair to be (Emma Watson's hair is absolutely beautiful, but after the second movie, it was wrong.). I wanted a change before I went up to Western, and wanted to start my hair over (so many split ends, and too later to manage) so I figured haircut!

I went to a beauty school salon where the hair dressers are graduating students and their instructors are there in the salon making sure they don't screw up. It was REALLY cheap and took an hour, but I'm pleased with the results.

9" off, moussed curls and recommendations on products to keep it softly curled and keep from frizzing, my hair now gently brushes my shoulders and is curled wonderfully~ Super happy with the end result~~
10th-Sep-2012 10:34 pm - *INCOHERENT FLAILING*
Fabulous Lelouch


Masterchef is a show where non-professional chefs compete for $250,000 and a title of Masterchef (which would help them open restaurants, launch books etc. etc.). This is season 3 of the show and tonight was the season finale, down to the final 2 competitors.

Josh, a 10'45" (closer to 6'8" but that guy is TALL) african american man who is passionate about his cooking, often taking risks in his cooking which are deliciously successful more often than they are failures. He didn't give up, fought tooth and nail, and will hopefully continue to be a name and face in the cooking world.


Christine, a 2'-14" (more like 5', but compared to Josh she's TINY) vietnamese american woman who is extremely creative, with a brilliant ability to bring flavors together on a plate and is absolutely commited to cooking. She never complained, never surrendered and never stopped trying. She is also blind.

That's right, you read that right. I don't mean "legally blind" and wearing glasses four inches thick, I mean she needed a guide, she had a cane and didn't know what Chef Ramsey looked like. She couldn't even see what she was putting on her dish. I've been rooting for her since the first few episodes when one of the contestants gave her a live crab instead of canned crab to work with and she made the best dish that night.

She's an inspiration not only because of her blindness, but because of her enduring personality, her huge heart, her compassion, and her damn fine cooking.

And she just won fucking Masterchef.

I think my heart is never going to stop exploding with happiness.
8th-Sep-2012 11:13 pm - Third Slash Round
OMG THE AGONY!! The third round of the Ultimate Slash Tourny has begun! All four of the ships I was backing won their brackets in round 2 :D Now... four brackets left, the final eight couples remain!

Harry Potter's Harry&Draco versus. Teen Wolf's Derek&Stiles (pfft don't care about either)

Merlin's Merlin&Arthur versus. Lord of the Ring's Aragorn&Legolas (Merlin's winning, and I'm more of a Gimli/Legolas fan...)

Stargate Atlantis's Sheppard&McKay versus. Supernatural's Dean/Castiel (We're sooooooo winning)

Sherlock's Sherlock&John versus. Inception's Eames/Arthur (EWJHFIAQEURHFLASKJDWHYISTHISHAPPENINGICANTCHOOSE!!)


EDIT: I just realized that if Destiel wins this round, next round will be Destiel vs Johnlock or Eames/Arthur. HOW IS THIS FAIR?!?!?!
1st-Sep-2012 11:37 pm - Ultimate Slash Madness Tourney
After Elton is hosting a tournament to see what the most popular slash pairing (as in, non canon male/male pairing) on their site is. Round wasn't a lot of heart break, but the Supernatural bracket was Wincest vs. Destiel (the most popular pairings in that fandom I believe), and half the rules currently in place were created because of that feud (I've only heard of the feud, but since Wincest has three years on Destiel, but the actors ship Destiel? I'm not entirely surprised there might be a feud.).

Destiel won <3

No one thought they could.

Anyway, currently there are 8 brackets of pairings fighting and the ones I'm shipping might have some trouble coming...

Sherlock/John vs. Thor/Loki (so many Thor/Loki fans @.@)
Merlin/Arthur vs. Erik/Charles (X-Men is more popular than BBC's Merlin...)
Dean/Castiel vs. Classic Kirk/Spock (Holy hell Kirk/Spock get's professionally shown in galleries!!!)
The Doctor/Jack vs. Eames/Arthur (Inception is pitted against Doctor friggen' Who?!?!? ooooooh heeeeellll)

Currently ALL my ships are winning, but Sherlock vs Avengers is reaaaallly close.

God I'm kind of embarrassed by how excited I am about this.

31st-Aug-2012 03:56 pm - It's Started.
I'm moving into my apartment at Western on September 22nd.

I have just finished packing my first two boxes, and coincidentally, the most important two boxes.

My Playstation 2 & Games.

My Coffeemaker.
28th-Aug-2012 08:57 pm - Masterchef <3


(only kinda jk)
Aerith &#39;Sup
So, I need to uninstall and reinstall MSN IM. There were concerns on the board I was reading where the contacts were gone when uninstalling. Honestly don't know about that, and I dont remember all my contacts.

In other news... fandom updates!

Currently following... BBC's Sherlock, Princess Tutu, Supernatural, Persona and Kingdom Hearts. I'm planning on making a chibi collection, starting with these guys. Any particular requests?

In other other news... university!

I'm FINALLY going up to fucking Western Washington University this fall!! I'm so fucking stoked! I got into the apartment I wanted, my suitemates sound AWESOME (1 music journalist and 1 psych major that sounds like an anime nerd - no news of actual roommate), one of my best friends is practically my neighbor, I'm going to try fencing, and I will be MOVING THE FUCK OUT!

Oh my god I have PLANS and EXCITEMENT.
19th-Jun-2012 12:20 am(no subject)
Just marathoned BBC's Sherlock. I have Reichenbach Feelings.
15th-Mar-2012 01:05 am - Sociology 101: Entry 9 LAST ONE
Sakura Light
Final Thoughts: Social change happens because we begin to act in new ways. What have you learned in this class? What actions and what changes, if any, are you going to make as a result of taking SOC 101?

Two words. Food. Inc.

Not to say I'm currently changing my eating behaviors (still eating fast food with my dad because he's finally happy with his life and I can't bear to say no to him). But, I do plan that when I live on my own and don't have to preach suggest to the people I mooch off of and do not pay rent to what food to buy from farmers markets. I don't want to support the way food is processed in America (well, mostly the fact that factories don't clean the manure off of cattle before butchering them and cutting the meat I eat off. No one messes with my meat.)

I've also considered my racial and social class more. I'm more aware that it factors into my life than I was before.

But I've got to say, that Anthropology is more interesting to me academically. I pefer to learn about why cultures function the way they do, what motivates the structure of cultures. Learning about society and how it affects me makes me really sad inside. I feel a little like I'm trying to avoid the problem, but I'd prefer to see it as getting a new fish.

You leave the fish in the bag it came in, and let it sit in the water of your tank for a while. Then you put the fish in the tank. The ideas from SOC 101 are currently in my mind and some of the stuff makes me see my country a little differently. I need to get used to it before I can start to really look at it for what it is and how I can make a difference.
14th-Mar-2012 02:45 pm - Sociology 101: Entry 8
Sakura Light
Chapter 15: The United States is commonly referred to as a representative democracy. Do Congressmen and women genuinely represent the masses or has the government become a forum for the powerful elites?

Do they represent the masses? Well, the persona they convey during elections represents the majority of the voting masses. Their actual political behavior does not represent all of the United States however. Not all Americans vote, and the ones that do are usually in positions to gain resources and education for voting decisions, leaving the lower classes scrabbling to figure out what they need to, or being in the dark completely.

Then who the congressmen and women actually are? Most of these polititians are in positions of power and authority, more often then not from the wealthy upper classes of America. These people can never hope to understand lives of the lower, working or middle classes, just as we can never fully be a part of the upper class.

Since the majority of American citizens are not in the upper class, then these Congressmen and women do not represent the masses.
14th-Mar-2012 02:30 pm - Sociology 101: Entry 7
Sakura Light
Chapter 12: Would you ever allow your parents, family and/or close friends to arrange a marriage for you? What about matchmaking services e.g. match.com or eHarmony.com? Would you be open to using their services? What are the disadvantages of relying on our own contacts and judgment when it comes to finding a long term romantic partner?

I'm a romantic. I want to meet The One at a casual setting -- an accidental meeting -- and I want us to develop a great love story, marry, have a lovely house (possibly made of river rock.), three kids, two cats and a dog, and live out the rest of our lives with a relatively normal and natural level of drama.

That's the daydream, but I know it's not going to happen that way. I would love meet the person on my own, I feel like a decent judge of character and I do not stand for bullshit very long. But if I never meet the right person, but someone I know does and sends them my way...

Well, if my parent or certain members of my family were the ones to arrange date, engagement, and/or marriage with someone they thought I could spend the rest of my life with, I would at least meet the person. See where it goes. I may not show the whole side of myself to these members of myself, but they've known me all my life. They've probably figured out the rest of me based on what I've told them.

I trust them to find me someone I won't grow to hate, has a stable job, shares intrests of mine but has their own life, and will help around the house. It might not satisfy the romantic in me, but I'd rather that then live alone forever.

Friends though? I would allow them to recommend dates and I'd meet the person, but they do not know the whole side of me. I have friends through interests, and they only see that one interest in my life, and I don't want my future spouse to be chosen based off that one piece of my life.

Internet sites I would have to say no to. I mean, if I meet someone through DA, LJ or even AO3/FF, then sure why not, but through matchmaker programs? Even if they've got excellent reviews and my sister finds her goddamn soulmate through it, I don't feel that a program without a certain degree of creativity, imagination or intinct would be able to find my ideal match. I don't want 23+ close matches. I'm too lazy for that.
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