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Insanity's Place

TeamAbodo's stories and thoughts.

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19 February
I'm a person, a girl, a scientist. An artist, a writer, a reader. A creater, a lover, a thinker.

Drawing is my passion, the fuel to my fire. I write and read to expand upon thoughts and give meaning to ideas. I want to spread the passion of creation, in any and all of it's forms. To teach creativity. That is my dream and ideal.

I'm pansexual. It means that I don't consider sex when I choose who to date. I'm not attracted to both like bisexuality, and I'm not attracted to neither like asexuality. It's not part of the equation to me.

I'm scientific. It means I find trouble in believing in a higher order or power. I believe in the numbers in front of me, and can respect that others find meaning in the numbers that aren't. But, I don't think I can ever believe.

Life = Zero. That is my motto. There is no great negative that is not without a great positive. No good without evil. It's not like karma, because it's not in reaction to a previous positive or negative. Just, in the end, everything is balanced.

Tarot Cards
The Artist
Divinatory Meanings: The Artist is creative, and forever trying to release art into the world. Often, the Artist is distracted by its own thoughts, doodling and writing in its own mind. When inspiration hits, the creative energy builds up and has to be released onto a paper or the Artist will combust in frustration. This card comes in to say when that time has come to go forward towards the goal.
Reversed: Practicality over creativity. Sometimes it's best to rein in artistic tendencies to get the job done. Hold in the inner muse.
Identity: One of the creative identities in the world.

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Social capital

  • less than 10